Dedicated to bringing healing to those who have had an abortion, keeping others from committing abortion,
and liberating the preborn. — Romans 13:8-10





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Educate yourself and others about the sanctity of human life.


The mission of Anna’s Choice is to plead with God through prayer to use His church and His supernatural power to end abortion in America and the world. We desire to bring healing to those who have had an abortion,
keep others from committing abortion, and liberate the preborn.

[see Proverbs 31:8-9; Lamentations 3:48-51]






We motivate God’s people to overcome abortion through education. Our organization helps people understand the value of all life, the biblical perspective on the sanctity of human life, and the devastating effects of abortion on women, men, and society.

We offer biblical resources, studies, and training in pro-life apologetics.

One of our goals is to continue to research, write, and develop new books and materials.

Prayer is the foundation of all we endeavor to accomplish in the abolition of abortion.

Educate and equip people through books, resource connection, media, small group training, individual training, and relationship building.

We are available to speak at any venue (retreats, seminars, schools, conferences, pregnancy centers, fundraisers, corporate church
events, etc.).



25 Biblical Reasons Why Christians Should Respect, Honor, Protect, and Defend Human Life!


What does the Word of God say about the value of human life and the calling to protect, cherish, and defend life?

The Who Am I Bible study is a comprehensive overview of the value and dignity of life from the biblical perspective. This study will reveal how God calls us to view and treat life. I believe the Who Am I Bible study will open our eyes and touch our hearts. It will overwhelm us with God’s goodness as we uncover His mercy, love, and intentions for all humanity. As we look into God’s perfect Word, we will discover it has a great deal to say about abortion, euthanasia, and the value of every created being. This study includes most of the books of the Bible and many Scriptures; it will help us understand God’s view of abortion and our responsibility regarding it as believers. The study offers many areas of focus, including perspectives on creation, children, innocence, oppression, justice, responsibility, civil disobedience, prayer, and many others. Each segment is comprised of selected Bible passages and several thought provoking questions. May the Who Am I study inspire us to love and help people at every stage of life; preborn and beyond. Psalms 19:1-11

Click here or on the cover above to view Section 3 from the Who Am I? Bible study. If you are interested in ordering the entire Bible study, which includes over a thousand pertinent Scriptural passages on life, or if you would like to attend or lead one of our Bible studies, please email for more information.

Note: this study is best used as an interactive learning experience within a group setting.

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Psalm 139:13-16




Number of babies each day that are killed in the U.S.

 Every 33 seconds a baby dies in the United States

Every hour the total of abortions World-Wide






Psalm 121:1-2

Thank you for visiting Anna’s Choice. The following is a brief introduction to my story—how God moved my heart to value every life and work toward the abolition of abortion:

My life was radically changed after 40 days spent with my daughter, Brooke, in a neonatal intensive care unit. My daughter challenged everything I thought I knew about life, abortion, and the value of the human person. As an educator and the son of a Christian minister, I thought I had a pretty good handle on life. But I was wrong! Life was so much more than I knew. During the winter of 2002/2003, life took on a new dimension for me. Brooke was born at 29 weeks gestation, almost three months before her due date, on December 13, 2002. Her arrival changed my life—I would never be the same! During the next 39 days that she lived on earth, I witnessed firsthand her development. I had the privilege of watching Brooke and the other babies ranging from 24 to 38 weeks gestation grow and mature in plain sight. This was the first time in my life that I faced the concrete reality of fetal development and life in the womb. My experience with these children, who should still have been in the womb, completely refuted the lies in our culture concerning preborn babies. As I watched the medical staff care for these little ones, it gripped me that several other children at this stage of development are aborted in our country every day. It was after this revelation and experience with Brooke that I began my journey to actively defend the preborn and fight against abortion.

Our organization proudly derives its name from the living witness of my daughter. Using Brooke’s middle name and the concept of choice being available to all (a concept never applied to preborn humans by our culture), I decided to name the organization Anna’s Choice in honor of the choice that Brooke made to be born early. It is believed by many in the medical profession that the preborn child triggers the onset of labor, thus, in a very real way, they choose the time of their birth. My daughter’s full name is Brooke Anna Vaughan Patchen which means: little stream full of grace and mercy. I believe Brooke would want me to speak out and share God's wisdom on the dignity of all human life and the horrors of abortion. Brooke has inspired me to love the preborn and their parents through grace and mercy, and I hope she will inspire you!

My desire to help preborn children ultimately led me to serve in a Right to Life group and to study many pro-life books and resources. It was at that time that I began to realize how ignorant I was about abortion and the pro-life movement in America. The things I discovered shocked and deeply saddened me—especially abortion’s enormous physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological impact on both women and men. I believe abortion is the largest current violator of women’s rights in our nation. Abortion violates everyone’s rights as men, siblings, future children, grandparents, parents, and all of society is affected!

 Equally as shocking to me was the small amount of Christian material designed to address abortion from the pulpit, small-group, or book store venues. Sadly, I also discovered that the existing pro-life resources available to the body of Christ are not promoted very often by the church or sought out by believers. Anna’s Choice was born out of my desire to educate Christians about the value of every life and provide the church with Bible based resources on the topic. I am convinced that the majority of the body of Christ does not know what the Bible says about abortion and how it applies to their lives as believers. Hopefully, this ministry will change that and clarify our role in ending abortion in America. My heart is not to judge anyone, but to stir us to love God, ourselves, our neighbors, and those yet to be born. Come with me and discover how we can protect God’s greatest gift, the gift of life! Revelation 22:17


Resources and Information to help individuals and societies rescue and protect the preborn. Lamentations 2:19



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Resources and information to help individuals and societies rescue and protect the preborn.

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